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Our Services:

Saraswati Executive Coaching Saraswati Coach Academy Saraswati Consulting

Executive Coaching, including Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Change and Transformation Coaching, Leadership Effectiveness Coaching and Team Effectiveness Coaching.

Our Coaching focuses on:

  • Develop authentic leadership presence, bringing all of the individual’s characteristics, strengths and attributes into the business and work.
  • Identify and eliminate subtle blocks either in their thinking, beliefs, feelings or behaviours that keep individuals from being effective and powerful
  • Guide the individual to discover work that both inspires and rewards
  • Increase the individual’s ability to work effectively in challenging circumstances
  • Develop a greater capacity for decision-making from a place of power and clarity
  • Develop the individuals ability to negotiate from a place of power and confidence; Lead the individual to clear, distinct and powerful communication in order to produce the highest performance results from those around them.
  • Develop their presence – articulating opinions, ideas or solutions confidently as they increase visibility and credibility within the organization
  • Help to design their life and work to optimize personal energy, resources and time
  • Converge thinking and doing alignment with organizational culture and values
  • Provide “real-time” self-observation practices and exercises to immediately experience new results while replacing ineffective behaviours.


Saraswati Coach Academy International is accredited to train individuals who feel called to coach in the following programmes:

  1. Coaching Foundation (ICF Core Competency training)
  2. Life Congruence Coach Training
  3. Change and Transformation Coach Training 
  4. Leadership Effectiveness Coach Training
  • Coaching Foundation – (ACSTH accredited programme)
  • Life Congruence – (ACSTH (packaged with Coaching Foundation))
  • Life Congruence – (CCE programme)
  • Change and transformation (CCE)
  • Leadership Effectiveness (CCE)
  • Programmes are scheduled to be held as follows:
  • See our events Calendar for training globally for 2018 / 2019

Saraswati Consulting specializes in the following consulting areas:

  • Culture Survey Analysis
  • Organizational Culture Design
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Business Process Design
  • Employment Law and Workplace Practice including:

 – Labour Related Litigation

 – Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings

 – Drafting of Contracts, Policies and Procedures

 – Human Resources Training

 – HR and Labour Law Due Diligence

 – Performance Management Systems

 – Design and Implementation

 – Training and Development, including succession and coaching and mentoring frameworks

 – Psychometric Assessment and Feedback

 – Leadership Development – strategy practice and procedure