My name is John Goodall, my role is the Human Resources Manager at one of the Gold Fields Operations in Australia.  I am an experienced Human Resources professional with many years of exposure of operating at the “Coal Face” in many different industries, providing solutions to employees and business alike. I, along with several other attendees partook in a 10-day experience with an open mind, however as was demonstrated, with a mind influenced over my past years of experience, represented through my existing beliefs. The course really challenged my  beliefs and resulted in me adopting a different and reasoned number of new, insightful  and influential tools that I see have the capacity to change the way Human Resource Management is viewed. That view I believe to be very transformational in approach and outcomes with the potential of the Human Resources efforts being accepted as” true business partners” providing valued benefits to the employees and  business for the future.  

The course material was presented in a professional but caring manner at all times. This program is one of the very few throughout my career that continues to resonate with me at work and in my personal life in an ongoing manner. Thought provoking and completely worthwhile would be words that spring to mind about the course content. I would not hesitate to recommend such development to others.

John Goodall
Unit Manager: Human Resources Australia – St Ives Mine Site

"Coaching with Helga Landis has benefited me greatly by helping me understand my strengths and weaknesses and working to address these constructively and proactively. She has helped me to understand myself and how I can be more effective and manage my team better.

She has been a huge encouragement, helping me to identify what I do well, when I tend to be critical of myself and focus on areas requiring improvement.

She has also been a sounding board and the ability to share ideas in a safe space has been very beneficial."

Andrew Parsons
Vice President: Group Sustainable Development, Gold Fields

“As a leader of a small and highly specialised team, it was important to tailor the coaching content to their needs. The coaching content found the right balance of the practical application of the qualities required for a high performance team and leveraging the unique roles within the team. For myself as the Leader, the greatest value coaching provided me was greater self-awareness and consciousness of my personal brand.

The coach brought a wealth of personal business experience and "the humanity element."

If you are committed to truly getting the best out of your team, coaching is a very worthwhile investment by an organisation”.

Sethunya Mbete
General Manager: Carrier Services, MTN SA

“Through Team Effectiveness Coaching” we could grow as a team. We were able to better understand ourselves, each other, why we behave in certain ways and how that impacts one another. This allowed us to, in a frank way, discuss the challenges we face as team members and as a team and how we could better support each other and be more effective as a team. We engage and perform better as a team today due to the sessions we had. The facilitation and content was outstanding and as the leader of the team I could trust and participate in the process because the coach was able to not only effectively facilitate the session but also create the trusting environment a process like this requires.”

Markus van der Westhuizen
General Manager, Business Optimisation, MTN SA

“Our management team attended a day workshop with you. From that day forward, we were a changed team. A cohesive team, dependant on each other, embracing the core challenges our emergency environment creates.

I want to reflect on the personal growth I’ve had in our individual sessions. The challenge from nursing to medicine and then finally a middle manager in the state sector to a senior member in the private sector seemed insurmountable. Our sessions challenged and changed deep pathological emotions which will never return. You’ve taught me to stay positive and have an open mind, to think before I speak, and reflect on the now.

I understand my inner self. You’ve helped me to change the tears of inappropriate emotion to joy! I’ve learnt love, inner peace and an innermost sense of stillness. Your nurturing, leadership and mentorship has allowed me to take my rightful place as a courageous, successful, confident, professional clinical leader in the Emergency Service Industry.

The experience has been greater than any academic qualification I’ve obtained. Through you, I’m capable of great things, and I thank you for the opportunity. I am the power of now”.

Dr Robyn Holgate
Chief Medical Officer, ER-24

“I engaged John to work with my team through the Bonfire sessions when the team morale was really low and the team needed to be salvaged. John was a perfect fit – immediately winning the team’s respect and trust. He worked very well with the team and immediately challenged assumptions regarding the distinction between “a job and a role”. I was impressed with his coaching techniques which were practical and non-intimidating.

He managed to break the ice that existed in the team and got the team to open up and share some serious concerns, and encouraged us to work out solutions ourselves while providing professional guidance. John is great in assisting leaders to smoothen bottlenecks through easy to apply practical solutions.

I would recommend John wholeheartedly to anyone seeking to build a highly effective team”.

Lucy Mokoka
General Manager: Company Secretariat, MTN SA

“On a personal development basis she helped individuals identify strengths and weaknesses, and guided their personal development. She raised the self-confidence and decision making ability of numerous members of the team.

Her ability to engage, even with the most difficult member, and get them to open up to her is truly remarkable.

The results of her interventions are an emotional mature team that is focused on reaching the objectives set out in our mission and vision statements. Incidentally the drafting of the mission and vision statements were facilitated by Ms Landis.”

Paul Thomson
CEO, Minopex

“I was very impressed with the manner in which Helga interacted with team members and subsequently won each of their trust which was essential to the success of the coaching initiative. Helga has an ability to set all at ease and to create a “safe” atmosphere within which to explore the team dynamic.

On an individual level, immediate results were achieved with the majority of team members. What has become clear over time is that each member has been impacted in varying ways, from a change in perspective to major life-impacting changes.

I am very pleased and encouraged by the impact on both the team as a whole as well as its members and would not hesitate for a moment to recommend Helga.”

Andrew Boden
CEO, ER-24

“Helga was head coach to MTN SA for a period of four (4) years and has coached 30 of our executives and general managers. During this time, I have witnessed many of my executives and general managers attain deep personal growth, leave much of their limitations behind and develop into dynamic leaders contributing with significance and confidence to the business objectives.

Her biggest strength is her ability to get people to believe that they are capable of achieving anything and in so doing, they respond with resourcefulness and motivation to what is asked of them. Helga has had a calming, constructive influence on her coachees and have allowed them to discover and embed behaviour that served their personal brands, influence in the business and long-term career strategies.

Her structured and measured approach to the coaching process have yielded fantastic coaching outcomes. I have no hesitation in recommending her to any organisation for coaching purposes”.

Zunaid Bulbulia